Survey says: Obamacare is working!

Posted November, 24 2014 by Amanda


Our guest post today comes from the New York State Health Foundation. The Foundation recently engaged Harris Poll to survey New Yorkers about their NY State of Health Marketplace insurance. Here, Senior Director of Communications Maureen Cozine gives us the scoop on their findings, which will help inform this year’s open enrollment period that ends February 15, 2015.

Guest post: Maureen Cozine, Senior Director of Communications, New York State Health Foundation

Over the last year or so, we at the New York State Health Foundation have heard lots of stories about New Yorkers who gained health insurance as the Affordable Care Act was implemented. We heard from our grantees and partners about people like Luis and Carmen (pictured with their enrollment counselor), who have more peace of mind now that Luis can get care for his neuropathy, diabetes, and heart problems. And Ben, a composer who can pay for the medications he needs. And Jerome, who was uninsured for years, but now has the Medicaid coverage he needs to see a doctor.

We loved hearing these stories and learning how Obamacare is working for these New Yorkers. But we wanted to get a better sense across the board of what newly-insured New Yorkers thought about their coverage: Are they satisfied with it? Are they using it? Can they get the care they need? Is the coverage affordable?

To find out, we asked Harris Poll to survey 250 New Yorkers who had enrolled in Medicaid or private health insurance plans through the NY State of Health Marketplace beginning October 1, 2013.

What we learned is that health reform is working in New York State. 92% of the respondents report being satisfied with their coverage. And they’re using their coverage; 84% said they have gotten services like primary care, prescription drugs, care for chronic conditions, and dental care.

Challenges remain. Roughly 20% of respondents said they had trouble finding a doctor who would take their insurance and/or would take on new patients. And nearly two-thirds of those with private coverage say they’ll need to stretch their budgets to afford their premiums.

92% of respondents say they’re likely to renew their coverage, but most will need some help. About 80% of people said they used help when they enrolled in coverage last year, and expect to need help again from the NY State of Health website or call center, a Navigator or other application assister, family member or friend, or another source. (The Foundation is proudly supporting a number of outreach and enrollment efforts throughout the State; these helped connect thousands of New Yorkers to coverage during the first open enrollment period.)

With the new open enrollment period now underway, we look forward to seeing even more New Yorkers getting the coverage and care they need!


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