You asked for it!

What better way to work off that candy coma then with a bit of good, old-fashioned reading?  And lucky for you, we just happen to have a whole stack of available reading materials posted here just for you!  See, while most folks were out there dressing up as vixens or Voltrons or whatnot, HCFANY was burning the midnight oil to get our comments in to HHS on the proposed regulations on several provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

So yes, we got them all in on time and here are the fruits of our efforts.  These will also be posted on our publications page, and on our health reform implementation page in case you want to come back and read them later.  Maybe if you can’t sleep tonight, you know, it might be nice to drink a warm glass of milk and snuggle down to read our comments to the proposed rulemaking on eligibility determinations.  Or whatever.  No pressure…

To keep things in context, the proposed rulemaking has been attached as well.  Read on!