Posted June, 28 2012 by arianne

It’s true! The decision was just handed down just a little bit ago.  The verdict? The entire law is upheld – including the individual mandate!

It looks like there will only be one small change to the Medicaid expansion.  The ACA had originally stated that states could expand Medicaid eligibility to people up to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level, and that the federal government would basically pick up the entire cost for it, but that if they didn’t expand they could risk losing their existing funds.  The Supreme Court changed this so that states who don’t choose to expand their Medicaid eligibility won’t risk losing funding.

Overall, this is a HUGE win for Americans, and a HUGE win for New Yorkers! And who do we have to thank? Justice Roberts! Who miraculously took a big one for the team by siding with the left-leaning justices on this.  That is one man who will be heavily toasted to (and cursed) by millions tonight.

So, what should we do with this information? Why, let’s celebrate of course!!!  Join HCFANY around this great State of New York TODAY at a series of public events for folks to speak up and celebrate this big victory!!! 

  • Albany: 3:00 PM at the Capital (State Street side). Contact Bob Cohen at or (518) 465-4600 x104 for more info.
  • Binghamton: 4:00 PM at the Federal Building, 15 Henry Street. Contact Mary Clark at or (607) 723-0110 for more info.
  • Buffalo: 3:00 PM in the lobby of Congressman Higgins’ office, 726 Exchange Street. Contact Natalie Luczkowiak at or (716) 855-1522 x2 for more info.
  • Cortland:5:00 PM at the U.S. Post Office, 88 Main Street. Contact Janet Steck at or (607) 749-7016 for more info.
  • New York City: New Location! 5:30 PM (assemble at 5:15 pm) in Foley Square in lower Manhattan, across from the Federal Courthouse at the African American Burial Ground Monument (Take 4, 5, 6, J, M, N, or R trains to City Hall-Brooklyn Bridge stations). Contact Mark Hannay at or (917) 318-5008 for more info.
  • Syracuse: 4:00 PM at the Federal Building, 100 Clinton Street. Contact Lanika Mabrey at or (315) 435-2480.

We hope to see you there!!!