The missing piece is hiding in plain sight!

Posted May, 5 2011 by arianne

– Shel Silverstein

Governor Cuomo announced yesterday plans to take a whirlwind tour around the state to promote his legislative priorities during the last remaining weeks of the session.  Dubbed the “People First Tour,” it is intended to bring the people’s voice into government, and to give the people what they have been asking for.  It will focus on three main items: a property tax cap, ethics reform, and marriage equality.  All worthy causes, to say the least.

Notably absent from the Governor’s list of priorities, however, is implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  In particular, the need for legislation to establish a health insurance Exchange in New York, and preferably THIS session.

2.6 million New Yorkers still don’t have health insurance, and millions more have bad insurance that leaves them unprotected, or insurance that they can barely afford.  We have a very small window of opportunity to do something about it, to do it the right way, and to open the door for millions of dollars of federal funding. 

What the people really want – what they really need – is legislation to establish a New York State Insurance Exchange!

Echoing these sentiments, the Albany Times Union had a great editorial piece earlier this week that aptly described what’s at stake and what the State needs to do to get health reform right, titled “A prescription for quality care.”  Read it here.