This is a Critical Moment for Medicaid and the ACA

Posted June, 20 2017 by Amanda Dunker

orange-light-alarm-mdAll reports suggest that the Senate is rushing through a health bill that is just as harmful to Americans as the bill passed by the House in May. In fact, some parts of it may be even worse. The Senate’s goal is to pass something by the 4th of July, without any debate. They know their bill is bad for us, or they wouldn’t be hiding it! The only group of Americans who would benefit from this bill are the extremely wealthy – for everyone else, young or old, healthy or not, this is bad news.

We won’t be quiet while they threaten our most vulnerable people, jeopardize our community hospitals, and make it impossible for average people to afford health insurance. Everyone knows someone who could be hurt by this bill – now is the time to show up for them!

 1. Get the message out tomorrowOur Health Care is More Important Than Tax Breaks for Corporations and the Richest One Percent.

Activists are planning press conferences all over the country. Look out for stories about the health bill and make sure to share them. There will also be events throughout the day including a 24-hour health care vigil in New York City starting at 5 in Columbus Circle. HCFANY is adding events to our calendar as fast as we get the info, keep checking!

2. Pink Out the Night Rallies in support of Planned Parenthood

The Senate bill is likely to maintain the spiteful cuts to family planning funding that are meant as a direct attack on Planned Parenthood. Events in support of Planned Parenthood are currently scheduled in Albany, BuffaloHempstead (also phone banking), and Rochester. Keep checking here for more!

3. Phonebanking

New York’s Senators are fighting hard to protect the ACA and Medicaid – but this vote may come down to a handful of Republican Senators in states like Alaska and Ohio. SEIU 1199 has set up phone banks all over the state to reach voters in those states and remind them how important their voices are. Don’t be worried if you’ve never phone banked before – you’ll get a script, and there will be someone there who can help you through your first calls. People may be feeling tired or helpless – these calls will rally people in important parts of the country.

Albany: June 22 and June 29

Buffalo: June 20 and June 27

New York City: June 21 and June 28

Long Island: June 21 and June 28

Rochester: June 21 and June 22

Syracuse: June 21 and June 28

White Plains: June 21 and June 28