Today: #StoptheBans Rallies All Over New York

Posted May, 21 2019 by Amanda Dunker

Just a few months ago, we celebrated the passage of the Reproductive Health Act. In New York, women are no longer forced to carry unviable pregnancies to term and the language regulating abortion is in the Health Code, where it belongs.

But we’ve watched horrified while states across the country impose extreme abortion bans. We’ve seen efforts to criminalize abortion before many women know they are pregnant and before dangerous fetal abnormalities have developed. We’ve seen efforts to force women, and girls, to carry their rapists’ children and to place women suffering miscarriages under criminal investigation. Extremists have even tried to redefine the most common forms of birth control as abortions.

Currently, the Constitution means that these bans are illegal. Women everywhere should know that abortion is still safe and legal in the United States. But we can’t take our reproductive rights for granted, and we can’t let people in other states feel alone in their fight. Here are a list of rallies taking place this afternoon all over New York where you can show your support (you can check for nationwide events here):

  • Buffalo: Elmwood and Bidwell, 6:00 (link)
  • Corning: Card Carrying Books, 15 E. Market St., 6:00 (link)
  • Glens Falls: Crandall Library steps, 251 Glen St., 5:30 (link)
  • Hamilton: Village Park, 5:00 (link)
  • Hudson: 804 Columbia Street, 5:30 (link)
  • Ithaca: 100 N. Tioga St., 5:30 (link)
  • Manhattan: Foley Square, 5:30 (link)
  • Mineola: 262 Old Country Road, 5:30-7:30 (link)
  • Poughkeepsie: 178 Church St., 5:30 (link)
  • Rochester: 61 Liberty Pole Way, 5:00 (link)
  • Saratoga Springs: 1 East Congress, 6:00 – wear pink! (link)
  • Syracuse: James M. Hanley Federal Building, 100 S. Clinton St. (link)
  • Utica: Oneida Square Roundabout, 5:00 (link)