HCFANY works on multiple fronts to increase access to quality, affordable, health care for ALL New Yorkers.

Advocacy Agenda

HCFANY's current and past state advocacy efforts around the New York State Budget and Legislation, including HCFANY's Legislative Agenda, health insurance rate review/prior approval, and information on our efforts to build and maintain strong Consumer Protections in our state.

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HCFANY Task Forces

Projects, activities and updates from HCFANY's Disparities Task Force, LGBT Task Force, Children, Youth & Families Task Force, and Dual Eligibles Task Force.

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Health Policy

Information and resources on HCFANY's ongoing efforts on key issues related to health coverage in New York, including information on Health Reform, Public Health Insurance, Private Health Insurance, Health Disparities, Small Business, and the Uninsured.

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