Urgent! New York should set up insurance exchange

Posted March, 22 2012 by arianne

Check out this op-ed in today’s Newsday, written by Benjamin Lawsky, Superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services. It’s titled “Urgent! New York should set up insurance exchange.”

Superintendent Lawsky does a great job demolishing the “smoke screen” of specious arguments Senate Republicans have raised to delay passing exchange implementation legislation in the budget. He finishes with a call to action –

Last year, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the Senate and Assembly agreed to compromise language to create the exchange. The language in this year’s budget reflects that agreement. It’s ready to go.

This issue is too important to too many people and businesses to let it be scuttled by politics in an election year. Let’s pass the exchange now, to help New York’s small businesses thrive and create jobs to lead our economic recovery.

After you read the op-ed, please take a minute to urge your State Senator to make sure the Exchange is included in the budget – here’s more information on what to say.