Why all the fuss?

Posted December, 15 2010 by arianne

Though many of us have been involved in this health care battle for quite some time, its easy to forget that there are still many folks out there who still don’t really understand the issues at heart or what all the fuss is about.   In talking to people who don’t happen to live and breathe health reform like we do, the question often arises:

“If the federal health reform bill is so great, then why are so many people so angry about it?”

 Well, theres’s an article by David Leonhardt in the Times today, which does a great job at explaining the core issue behind all the hype.  This comes down to two traditionally different ways of looking at things.  In a nutshell,: 1) “safety in numbers,” and 2) “every man for himself.”

For those of us youngsters who were not around to remember the previous battles surrounding the creation of Medicare or Social Security, the article also explains the similar ways in which these two schools of thought played into those as well.  Anywhoo, its worth a read. 

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