Your taxes got a whole lot “healthier” this year

Posted March, 12 2015 by Amanda

Video from the NY State of Health Marketplace

This year, many taxpayers received a new tax document from the NY State of Health Marketplace related to their health insurance. The form, called Form 1095-A, was mailed by January 31 to all New York tax families who enrolled in a private insurance plan (Qualified Health Plan, or QHP) on the bronze, silver, gold or platinum tier. If you enrolled in a qualified health plan through the Marketplace, here is what you need to know:

If you received subsidies (Advanced Premium Tax Credits, or APTCs) to pay for your plan, you will use Form 1095-A to figure out if you took the right amount of subsidies. If your income is different than your estimate when you applied, your eligibility for tax credits might have changed during the year.  If you didn’t take APTCs, you will use the Form 1095-A to see if you should have. If you qualified for Premium Tax Credits but didn’t take them, you can use the Form 1095-A to claim them now. The Form 1095-A will help you answer questions about Premium Tax Credits in your tax return.

If you didn’t get a Form 1095-A and you think you should have, you can find it through your NY State of Health account.  The document is located in your secure inbox.  You can find more information on NY State of Health’s website at this link and you can watch a video that explains the new IRS documents above.

As with any tax document, make sure to carefully review the information. Call the NY State of Health on their dedicated helpline at phone number 1-855-766-7860 if you have a problem with your form or need them to send a copy to you.  If you have any questions about the new Form 1095-A or the related tax forms, the Community Health Advocates program has trained advocates available to answer your questions on their helpline at 1-888-614-5400.

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