The ACA War Room: What You Need to Know and How to Get Involved

Posted January, 9 2017 by Taylor Frazier

keep fightingWe at HCFANY are committed to preserving and expanding the coverage gains and consumer protections won under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). HCFANY is compiling resources to make sure consumers have as much information as possible and know the different ways that they can get involved in the fight for health care.

Be sure to check our blog for regular updates on what repeal and replacement of the ACA will mean for New York and our events page for public events in defense of the ACA.

HCFANY will also be hosting a webinar this Friday, January 13 from 12:30-1:30 PM that will include the most up to date details on ACA repeal in New York State.

Stay tuned and keep fighting.

Action Items

  • Call your elected representatives at 866-426-2631 and tell them not to repeal the ACA. Just type in your zip code to get routed to the right office. This number is in operation until January 24th.
  • Share your story! How has the ACA affected your life? Let us know using our story form.


Impact on New York of an ACA Repeal

Statements from New York’s Leaders

  • Governor Andrew Cuomo asked the House Majority Leader to “do no harm,” and to reject the ACA repeal and any plan to turn Medicaid into a block grant program or cap its funding on a per-capita basis.
  • Department of Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vullo argued that repealing the ACA with no replacement would be “disastrous” for our insurance markets and discussed the importance of the individual mandate and tax credits for keeping premiums down. She also argued that allowing insurance sales across state borders would create a ‘race to the bottom’ and “violate a fundamental principle of state sovereignty.”