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What is the Congressional Budget Office?

Posted July, 21 2017 by Amanda Dunker

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has been in the news a lot during the health care debate, most recently today when all eight of its former directors signed a letter refuting accusations that the agency’s work is partisan or based on bad methodology. Reporters, advocates, and experts eagerly anticipate CBO’s report every time a new […]


Healthcare Policy Issues Moving Rapidly – Stay Alert!

Posted July, 20 2017 by Amanda Dunker

The past three days have been a roller coaster for the health bills under consideration by the Senate. As of now, we have two possible bills and a promise from Senate Republicans to vote on something next week. We described some of the fights we anticipated yesterday – and quite a few of them are […]

Congratulate yourselves -  but don't overdo it.

Another Victory – And Many More Fights Ahead

Posted July, 18 2017 by Amanda Dunker

Last night was a good night for people who are working to protect health care. Two more Republican Senators came out against the cruel Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). That was enough to force Republican leadership to halt their efforts to pass it and start over on a health plan. When the election results came […]


Action Alert: Take a Stand for Health Care with Governor Cuomo!

Posted July, 14 2017 by Taylor Frazier

The coverage gains and consumer protections achieved under the ACA and the Medicaid program that covers the most vulnerable New Yorkers are all at risk. The Senate could be voting on their Better Health Care Reconciliation Act that would take coverage away from more than 22 million people and end the Medicaid program as we […]