439,000 Newly Insured in Massachusetts

Posted August, 20 2008 by arianne

On August 20, the Boston Globe reported that enrollment in the Massachusetts universal health program has now reached 439,000 (out of an estimated previously 600,000 uninsured), based on a report from the State’s Division of Health Care Finance and Policy (HCFP). This surge comes less than two years after the program’s start and despite its current fiscal uncertainty. New insurance enrollments have undoubtedly contributed to a reported 37% drop in uninsured visits to hospitals and community health centers this year, resulting in an estimated $68 million in savings for the State.

To read the full news article, click here.

To read the full report from HCFP, click here: HCFP Key Indicators


Arthur Springer • Sep.09.2008 at 07:39:pm

Commitment-shy New Yorkers flirt with, but do not fully embrace the point: roughly 73 percent of Massachusetts residents uninsured two years ago now have health coverage. Is it that the relative lack of similar progress in New York state, for reasons that are unspeakable, inhibits our vision?

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