HMO Rates Hit All-Time High in NYC

Posted August, 18 2008 by arianne

The Daily News reported this weekend that two-thirds of the city’s HMOs increased their rates by over 19% last year, raising the cost of insurance by hundreds (and in some cases – thousands) of dollars.  This marks the 49th time that HMOs in the city have hiked their rates by double-digits in the past 6 years. 

The highest rate increases came from HealthFirst NY and GHI, who raised their rates by 32% and 31% respectively in the last year. The three most expensive HMOs now charge the following rates:



Monthly price of an Individual Policy

Monthly Price of a Family Policy




Empire BC/BS



CIGNA HealthCare




This comes as a crushing blow to New Yorkers who are already feeling the crunch of a faltering economy and rising gas, food, home and home heating costs.  In response, the number of New Yorkers paying for their own insurance fell by 34% between 2005 and 2007.

To read the full Daily News article, please click here.

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