A new year, a new set of challenges

Posted January, 18 2013 by arianne

Mark HannayKudos to everyone able to make the trek up to Albany yesterday during the depths of a particularly nasty flu season – we actually had a great turnout!

Fellow HCFANY-ers and guests got a chance to go over and discuss our advocacy agenda for this yeat, which centers around implementation of consumer-friendly Exchange and strategies to fill in the gaps in affordable coverage.  In particular, we aim to focus on the following 5 things:

  • A robust public engagement campaign
  • The creation of a basic health plan
  • Merging the individual and small group markets
  • Extending Child Health Plus to adults, and
  • Promoting health equity,

Members of the HCFANY Steering Committee break it down for us

You can read more about HCFANY’s advocacy agenda by clicking here.

Danielle Holahan, Deputy Director of the NYS Exchange, also gave a brief update on what’s happening with the Exchange.  You can see her presentation by clicking here.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more specific details on our advocacy agenda items!