And the budget beat goes on…

Posted March, 16 2011 by arianne

Yes, today is conference committee day up at the Capitol.  The Senate and Assembly both passed their one-house resolutions yesterday, which included several cuts to the proposed Medicaid redesign package.  The budget is still scheduled to pass on April 1st and Governor Cuomo has said that if does not go according to schedule then he will resort to emergency bills, which would mean the Legislature would either have to accept the budget or the state government will shut down.

Sounds harsh, but many of you will remember that last year’s budget did not pass until 125 days after the April 1st deadline. 

The Senate and Assembly have released a schedule for the first round of joint budget conference subcommittee meetings for today.  The Health table will meet at 2:00 in Hearing Room B in the Legislative Office Building.

Here is a link to the Senate’s budget resolution that passed yesterday afternoon.  The Health/Medicaid section is on pages 18-23.

And, here is a link to the Assembly’s version, which also passed yesterday.  The Health/Medicaid section is on pages 66-85.