Let's talk money, shall we?

Posted March, 10 2011 by arianne

With the Governor’s addition of his 30-day amendements to the proposed Executive Budget last week, the Medicaid Redesign Team’s recommendations have now been converted into actual legislative proposals. 

These proposals contain $2.3 billion in cuts to the State’s share of Medicaid spending.  This will translate into sweeping changes  to New York’s Medicaid program – a program that serves as a vital lifeline for millions of low-income New Yorkers, many of whom suffer from chronic health conditions or disablities. 

With just a few weeks until the April 1st budget deadline, the state Legislature is now in the process of scrutinizing the proposed changes within the budget. 

Here at HCFANY, we have been busy as well, digging through the details to put together our take on the budget.  Our intention is to support proposals that we believe best meet the State’s goal of lowering costs and improving quality in health care, with the ultimate goal of promoting quality health care for all New Yorkers.  We oppose any proposals that we find to be contradictory to these goals.

So, if you have the time, take a moment to check out HCFANY’s testimony on the 2011-2012 New York State Executive Budget.  And, if you feel strongly about any the proposed changes to New York’s Medicaid program, or any of the other provisions in the budget, be sure to contact your Legislators and Governor Cuomo to tell them what you think!