Bad Insurance Bill is Back!

Posted August, 15 2008 by arianne

Earlier this summer we blogged about three health insurance bills that were active in the legislature. Two are back on the table – one bad, one good –  for the special Legislative session called for next Tuesday, August 19. [See Assembly member Morelle’s letter: Assembly Member Morelle’s Letter]

A11680 weakens consumer protections and does not provide adequate consumer and government oversight over insurers ability to raise premiums.   HCFANY continues to oppose A11680.  Several of HCFANY’s member organizations have issued memorandums in opposition to A11680, which can be read here:

A11737 is a package of managed care reforms that includes a measure for providers to file external appeals on behalf of their patients and extended certain consumer protections to enrollees’ currently unregulated insurance products.  HCFANY supports A11737.

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