We’re saving money on insurance premiums? Is it April Fools Day?

Posted March, 22 2012 by arianne

Nope, it’s the ACA’s birthday.  And the ACA has already brought big savings to New York consumers, with more on the way. As HCFANY blog readers know, New York State re-instated prior approval of health insurance premium increases in 2010, before the ACA passed. But the ACA has provided funding – including a $4.4 million […]

A day to give thanks

Posted November, 24 2011 by arianne

Our health care system is not perfect, that’s true. There are many changes we would like to see, some of which we may not ever get in our lifetimes.  But, there are a lot of good things about our health care system too.  On a day like today, when we’re all sitting down to our delicious free-range heritage breed […]