I am broke, and therefore…invincible?

Posted June, 20 2012 by arianne

The whole argument that young people don’t buy insurance because they don’t think they need it (i.e. the “young invincibles” stereotype) has bugged me for some time. Having somewhat recently emerged from the 19 -29 age bracket, I can say firsthand that it never occurred to me at any point during my free-wheeling years that I […]

Staying healthy is worth a lot, at any age

Posted December, 16 2011 by arianne

It seems like for a while there all the talk was about the so-called “young invincibles” – a free-wheeling breed of thrill-seeking young adults who have no desire for comprehensive health insurance, but rather prefer more risky alternatives such as health savings accounts or a pack of Hello Kitty band-aids and some strong whiskey. And yes, young adults below the age […]

A day to give thanks

Posted November, 24 2011 by arianne

Our health care system is not perfect, that’s true. There are many changes we would like to see, some of which we may not ever get in our lifetimes.  But, there are a lot of good things about our health care system too.  On a day like today, when we’re all sitting down to our delicious free-range heritage breed […]