Getting friends with benefits is now as easy as 1-2-3!

Posted February, 23 2012 by arianne

Made you blush?

Good.  That’s the idea behind the Young Invincibles‘ attention-getting “Friends with Benefits” headline, which marked the release of a new toolkit designed to help young adults get informed about health insurance coverage and benefits.

The new toolkit is available at and allows folks to download a series of one-pagers on different topics that are relevant to young people who, for the first time, may be considering their own mortality.  These topics include things like: “Health insurance options when you’re out of school,” “How to join your parent’s insurance plan,” and “Why get covered?”  Best of all, they’re available on a state-specific basis.

The whole thing is really useful, and really clever.  So, if you know any young people, or if you’re a spring chicken yourself, be sure to download the toolkit! It’s a pretty easy read.  Besides, what better way is there to get friends with benefits?

Click here to visit the Get Covered Healthcare Toolkit download page.