Hospital financial assistance woes make waves

Posted February, 22 2012 by arianne

Earlier this month, we covered a new report on hospital financial assistance released by the Community Service Society.  This report has been making waves since its release, so anyone who is interested in learning more on the topic now has a few more options to do so.

Elisabeth Benjamin, one of the report’s authors, recently appeared on Democracy Now! with one of the patient’s profiled in the New York Times article and Jessica Curtis of Community Catalyst to explain the issue a bit more.  You can check out the video above. 

Also, in case you were wondering if there had been any response from the hospitals, Ken Raske – President of the Greater NY Hospital Association – did post a letter to the editor to the NY Times in response to this report. While he doesn’t challenge the contents of the report, he does point out that, financial aid flaws aside, hospitals are an important safety net for the uninsured and many continue to lose money.   Click here to read Ken’s letter.

Jessica Curtis also covered the issue on Health Policy Hub, the Community Catalyst blog.  Click here to read Jessica’s blog post.

Lastly, the story was picked up by Modern Healthcare, which you can read by clicking here.