Governor Paterson: "National Health Reform Must Heed the NY Dollar"

Posted July, 22 2009 by arianne

Yesterday, Governor Paterson issued a letter to the New York’s Congressional delegation about what national health care reform must entail to be successful in New York.

The Governor applauds efforts in New York, such as our pure community rating system, which bars discrimination by insurance companies based on a person’s  age, race, gender, or  occupation.

In his letter, the Governor calls on the NY Delegation to ensure that national reform guarantee affordability to high cost states like New York and “do-no-harm” to states that have strong consumer protections already in place. Read the press statement and letter here. 

The Governor’s letter echoes HCFANY’s stance on national health reform, particularly in its emphasis on the absolute need for affordability.  While HCFANY also urges the Delegation to consider the health needs of  immigrants, the Governor’s strong call to action continues to position NY as a leader in the national health reform conversation.

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