HCFANY Speaks Out on Staten Island

Posted December, 21 2016 by Taylor Frazier

SI Speak OutYesterday, HCFANY, partners, and community members participated in a “speak-out” event in front of Representative Daniel Donovan’s district office on Staten Island. Using the message “Don’t Take Away My Healthcare,” participants urged Representative Donovan to vote against a repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This event was part of a National Day of Health Care Speak-Outs and was one of 75 held across the country.

The speak-out was also an opportunity for consumers to share their personal health care stories. Staten Island resident Nidhi Khanna said “Fortunately, I have good insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act because I need to take very expensive medications twice a day to regulate my blood sugar levels and keep my other health issues under control. I could never afford them otherwise.”

HCFANY encourages consumers to continue to speak out and share their health care stories at http://hcfany.org/share-your-story/.