HCFANY's Testimony on the 2009-2010 Executive Budget

Posted February, 2 2009 by arianne

In testimony submitted today, HCFANY stated that the Executive Budget lays an important initial foundation towards meeting our goal of achieve affordable health coverage for all New Yorkers.  HCFANY supports the following proposals:  (1) increase family health plus with federal funding; (2) simplify public insurance to support families in lean times; and (3) enhance funding for charity care.  

HCFANY expressed reservations about several additional proposals and opposes:  (1) any premium increase to Child Health Plus and the Medicaid Buy-In Program for people with disabilities; and (2) efforts to increase state funding for less than comprehensive coverage, like Healthy New York, at the expense of the State’s more comprehensive individual direct pay market. 

 Read HCFANY’s full testimony here

TheChildren’s Defense Fund-New York and Medicaid Matters New York also submitted individual testimonies. Read them here:
Children’s Defense Fund
Medicaid Matters New York

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