HCAN! Poll Shows Strong Support for a Public Plan

Posted February, 3 2009 by arianne

HCAN logoHealth Care for American Now! (HCAN!) is a federal group focused on winning quality, affordable health care for all.

In January 2009, HCAN! and Lake Research Partners conducted a nationwide poll of 800 voters which shows strong support for a public plan as part of national health reform.  The poll found, despite economic concerns, voters:

  • support reform to provide health care for all, even if it means raising taxes;
  • support reform even if it means a large federal government role;
  • believe a public health insurance plan option will increase competition, contain costs, and help control the costs of health care;
  • believe that a public plan will give private insurers incentives to control their costs and become more efficient, not less.

See the presentation of the polling data here.


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