NYS budget to be released today

Posted January, 17 2012 by arianne

Governor Cuomo is set to give his budget address today at 2 PM to outline his spending plan for the next year.  Expected to be on the agenda, of course, is more on Medicaid.  Some are speculating that he will talk about a state take-over of local county Medicaid expenses.

Also expected on the agenda is talk of the New York State health insurance exhange, which was included as a priority in his State of the State address given earlier this month.

Today’s budget address will be streamed live on the web for anyone interested in viewing it.  You can click here to watch.

UPDATE: The budget documents have been released and are posted online.  Click here to view them.  The formal proposal for an insurance exchange is in Section E of the Health and Mental Hygiene Article VII bill, which you can view by clicking here.