The Exchange Bill is back!

Posted January, 18 2012 by arianne

As mentioned in the update to yesterday’s post, the proposed budget released yesterday included a new provision to establish a New York health insurance exchange (or “Health Benefit Exchange”).   This was included in the Health and Mental Hygiene Article VII bill.

The proposed language in this new iteration of the bill looks in many ways very similar to the negotiated bill that passed in the Assembly last year.  There are a couple of small changes though.  With relation to the governing board, the timelines have been changed somewhat.  And, the timelines for reports on the various studies that were included in last year’s version have also been shifted around a bit.

Lastly, there’s a new provision that says that the exchange can also rely on information from other outside studies (if they are determined to be reliable) instead of conducting any of the listed studies.  Now, that is interesting, though it’s not clear yet how much this will factor in.

So, there you have it.  Basically it’s a new version of last year’s bill.  Let’s cross our fingers that this one actually passes!