Over 97 Percent of New York’s Kids Now Have Health Coverage

Posted October, 28 2016 by Amanda Dunker

   Don’t cry – it’s covered!

Health Care For All New York believes that all children deserve affordable, quality health coverage. A new study based on census data shows that New York has made great progress towards that goal – only 2.5 percent of our kids are uninsured. The researchers, based at Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families, found that only 5 percent of kids are uninsured nationally.

How did New York do it? By setting eligibility policies that include all kids who need help getting covered,  and making it as easy as possible for busy families to sign up. New York State makes all children eligible for health coverage regardless of their immigration status. It provides access to public coverage through Medicaid and CHIP for children whose family income would be considered too high in other states – but not high enough to realistically pay for private health coverage. Signing up for health insurance is made easier in New York because of state-funded programs like the New York State of Health marketplace and its Navigator program, which provides community-based enrollment assistance all across the state.

We could still do more – despite our progress, New York was only 5th best in the country. Advocates and the state should keep working together to make sure the last groups of children get some type of coverage. But this is an amazing achievement, and something that all New Yorkers can celebrate.

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