Freedom to choose your own path

Kim Gibson, Rochester, NY

Posted September, 12 2011 by arianne

Kim GKim is a single mom of two from Rochester, NY.  At the age of 16, one of her sons hurt his back and needed surgery.  He recovered well from the procedure and even received a football scholarship to go to college.

As a full-time student in college, Kim’s son was able to stay enrolled under her health policy.  But, it turned out that college wasn’t the right fit for him.  While considering his options, the possibility that his back problems would be considered a “pre-existing condition” loomed.  If he left college, he would lose his insurance coverage.  Were he to have a recurrence in his back injury and try to get a new plan later on down the road, any care related to his back might not be covered.

After the new health reform law, Kim’s son could be on her insurance plan without having to be enrolled in school.  The family no longer has to worry about his future health needs.

“He is a painter now and I know he’s going to do fine.  He is a very hard worker.  And, now that he can stay on my insurance, I am much more at ease.”

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