Maintaining a happy, healthy workforce

Greg Hankins, New York City

Posted September, 10 2011 by arianne

Greg Hankins

When entrepreneurs need advice on employee retirement packages, they turn to Greg Hankins. He owns Retirement Aspirations—a retirement consulting firm in New York—and along with his staff, provides in-depth presentations on options for 401k benefits, pensions, and tax credits.

Greg knows small business owners want to do right by their employees and offer benefits, because he hears just that from them every day. But it’s a personal issue, as well. Greg is in the process of trying to provide insurance for his five employees.

He’s searching for an insurance policy where he can cover 80% of the premium cost and the employee covers the remaining 20%, but has found that this is easier said than done. Prices are high and choices are limited.

Still, Greg is determined to make it happen. He believes a happy workforce results in a healthy bottom line. “By offering health insurance to my employees, it will show that as a business owner I care for them, and in return they’ll be more dedicated to the business.”

Greg believes the Affordable Care Act will make health insurance more accessible and affordable. Along with the tax credits he’s excited about qualifying for once he starts offering coverage, Greg hopes that once the exchanges take effect in 2014, his range of plan options will grow.

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