The ACA is Working: Adrian’s Story

Adrian B., Broome County

Posted October, 24 2014 by Amanda

Adrian_PPEFAge: 29
Enrolled in: Bronze Plan
Final premium: $175
Before the ACA, Adrian was paying a lot for little coverage.
Now, Adrian is getting better, less expensive coverage, including dental.

Adrian is a 29-year-old farmer living in Binghamton, NY, who had a private health insurance plan that didn’t cover everything he needed, like dentist services. When the ACA was passed he kept hearing about how important it was for young, healthy people to sign up through the marketplace, so Adrian decided to give it a shot. He went online to the NYSOH Marketplace where he had a little bit of trouble with the site crashing at first, but when he tried again a couple weeks later he had no problems. Adrian searched through the options and found a Bronze plan that covered more than his last insurance, was less expensive, and included a really cheap dental plan. He was ecstatic! Adrian says, “I was surprised that I was paying less than before, and for exactly what I wanted!” Now Adrian can go to the dentist and the doctor, without worrying about the cost.

“Now I have dental for wicked cheap too – I hadn’t had dental in years.”

Special thanks to the Public Policy and Education Fund for contributing this story!

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