The ACA is Working: Amanda’s Story

Amanda G., Bronx, NY

Posted December, 9 2014 by Amanda

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Amanda Galmiche Picture

Age: 29 
Enrolled in
: Qualified Health
Plan (QHP), with financial
Final premium: $135/month
Before the ACA, Amanda had a career she loved, but without the security of affordable healthcare.
Now, she has access to affordable, preventive care and peace of mind in case of an emergency.



Amanda overcame many obstacles to put herself through college and beauty school. She now works in a stylish Manhattan salon where she was offered health insurance that was too expensive and didn’t meet the affordability requirements of the ACA. At first, Amanda wondered if the ACA could really help her. “It seemed too good to be true,” she said. But Amanda decided to do her homework. She researched the plans and taught herself about how insurance works to make sure she knew exactly what she was getting. Amanda found she was eligible for subsidies, so her plan only costs her $135 a month. Amanda was surprised and relieved to finally have affordable health insurance, “It’s nice to have some support, to feel like I’m entitled to the same things as other people.”

“I think the chances of your success in life are infinitely greater if you have access to health care.”

Special thanks to Raising Women’s Voices – NY for contributing this story!