The grass is always greener…sometimes even in New Jersey.

Posted March, 15 2012 by arianne

They say you should love thy neighbor but that you shouldn’t covet thy neighbor’s wife – but what about coveting thy neighbor’s State Senate?

New Jersey’s legislature was set to vote today on a bill authorizing a health insurance exchange for that state (New Jersey Health Benefit Exchange Act (S-1319/A-2171)).  And, from what this blogger hears, the bill is actually pretty decent.

No word yet on whether it passed or not, and even still it’s not clear if Governor Christie will even sign it.  But, gosh darn it, isn’t it nice to see somebody taking action on this?

And by “somebody,” I mean the New Jersey legislature.  BOTH houses! Working in unison.  For the goodness of New Jersey and it’s many residents who live and die by the decisions made by their government.

Must be nice…

Well, hope is not entirely lost here in NY.  Even though our State Senate ignored the pleas of everyday New Yorkers and did not put Exchange legislation in their one house budget bill, our State Assembly did.  And, as far as we know, our own Governor Cuomo is still supportive of a NY Exchange.  Afterall, he did list it as a priority in his State of the State address just a few months ago.

Actually, now might be a good time to drop a line to Governor Cuomo and just encourage him to stand strong on this issue.  New Yorkers really need help with health insurance costs, and a NY health insurance Exchange will provide just that.  Give his office a ring at: (518) 474-8390

Or, email him via the web at: 

Let him know that New York is still counting on him to be our knight in shining armor!