ACTION ALERT: Sounds like someone needs some encouragement!

Posted March, 16 2012 by arianne

As you all know, our State Senate is failing big time at responding to New York’s need for a health insurance Exchange.

Up until now, they’ve been the only ones flip-flopping on this issue.

Governor Cuomo, on the other hand, has been a champion from the get go on the push to get a health insurance Exchange bill passed in New York and even went so far as to put it in his State of the State address and in this year’s proposed state budget.

But, now we’re getting reports that Gov. Cuomo is starting to waver on this issue.  This is bad news and makes NOW a very opportune time to call Gov. Cuomo’s office to offer some much needed encouragement!

Call Gov. Cuomo’s office and tell him to stand strong on passing a health insurance Exchange in the final state budget!

(518) 474-8390

I just called and spoke to his lovely assistant who was very nice and patient with me.  I told her my name and zip code and why I was calling, and asked her to leave a message for the Governor asking him to please stand strong on getting an Exchange bill passed in the final state budget.  Easy peasy! Took me all of 3 minutes!

Obviously, a personal phone call from you is ideal and incredibly effective (think about how your grandma reacts to a phone call from you, vs. an email.  Well, Governors are no different in that respect!).  But, even if you want to take action but don’t necessarily want any human interaction, simply call the number and press #2 when prompted to just leave a message.  Heck, you can even shoot him an email here:

But whatever you do – do something! Every phone call makes a difference. Remember, if you want government to work for you, YOU need to speak up!

Don’t delay! Call now!