The Supreme Court is set to issue a ruling soon…where will YOU be?

Posted June, 18 2012 by arianne

The Supreme Court is set to issue its ruling on the Affordable Care Act sometime within the next two weeks.

The Court can either decide to keep the law as is, striked down only some parts of the law, scrap the whole thing altogether, or simply decide that it’s too soon to make a decision before the whole law has gone into effect.

Come speak out in response to the Court ruling! HCFANY is planning events around the state to take place on the day the ruling is issued. 

Regardless of what the Court decides, HCFANY believes that New York State cannot go backwards on health reform.  Our state policymakers must do what’s right for New York and move forward to bring down the high cost of health insurance and to expand affordable access to insurance for the 2.8 million uninsured.

We don’t know what day the Court will issue its decision or what it will say, but we do know that we refuse to go back!

Please check our list of events below and plan to attend one in your area.  All events will take place on the day the ruling is issued – currently TBD.  We hope to see you there!

  • Albany: 3:00 PM at the Capital (State Street side).  Contact Bob Cohen at or (518) 465-4600 x104 for more info.
  • Binghamton: 4:00 PM at the Federal Building, 15 Henry Street.  Contact Mary Clark at or (607) 723-0110 for more info.
  • Buffalo: 3:00 PM in the lobby of Congressman Higgins’ office, 726 Exchange Street.  Contact Natalie Luczkowiak at or (716) 855-1522 x2 for more info.
  • Cortland:5:00 PM at the U.S. Post Office, 88 Main Street.  Contact Janet Steck at or (607) 749-7016 for more info.
  • New York City: 5:30 PM in Union Square, 14th Street at Union Square East in Manhattan.  Contact Mark Hannay at or (917) 318-5008 for more info.
  • Syracuse: 4:00 PM at the Federal Building, 100 Clinton Street.  Contact Lanika Mabrey at or (315) 435-2480.