Health reform law gets approval from Main Street

Posted June, 14 2012 by arianne

With the Supreme Court ruling on the ACA now just around the corner, the Small Business Majority has released the results of a new poll that asked New York’s small business owners just what they think about all of this.

They found that the majority of small business owners in New York – 59% – want to see the ACA upheld with little or no changes.  After hearing more about the provisions of the new law, this number went up to 64%.

The hottest point of contention around health reform proved to be the individual mandate that requires everyone to have health insurance starting in 2014.  However, even this still pulled a 52% approval rate.

Slightly more than half of small business owners polled (52%) said that they are currently taking advantage of the new tax credits available to small businesses to help them pay for the cost of their employee health insurance.  Of those who said they were not claiming these credits, a whopping 70% said it was because they didn’t know they were available.  [You can find more info on the small business tax credits by clicking here].

In terms of the new health insurance exchange currently underway in New York, 73% of small business owners said they planned on buying insurance on the exchange, or at least would consider doing so.

The New York poll was part of a larger nationwide survey of small businesses.  To learn more about this effort and the results found, visit the Small Business Majority polling webpage at: