Two Small Steps Toward Health Care for All: Kids Coverage Improved!

Posted February, 6 2009 by arianne

On February 4, 2009, President Obama  re-authorized the State Child Health Insurance Program. This will provide key funding to states for the coverage of an estimated 10 million children. The bill includes two key victories: a requirement for “mental health parity”-equal coverage of mental and physical illness– and the elimination of a 5 year waiting period for lawful permanent resident children and pregnant women.

 Also in kids coverage news, yesterday the Obama Administration rescinded the infamous August 17, 2007 letter from the Bush Administration to State Medicaid directors which made it impossible for states, like New York, to expand their Children’s health insurance programs with federal SCHIP funds.   Read about it here.

 Together these measures pave the way for maximum federal financial support New York’s children’s coverage expansion.

Read the NY Times article here:

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