What the what?

Posted June, 8 2012 by arianne

Still having trouble figuring out what people are talking about when they mention a health insurance exchange?

Well, back in January, I mentioned a project that NY State policymakers were working on with 9 other states called UX2014 – or “User Experience 2014” – to build a prototype for a health insurance exchange (or, at least the part of it that the public will use).

Well, it looks like they are done designing their model and it is up on the web for people to look at and try out.  Again, this is just a prototype.  Each state (including NY) has the option of using this prototype as a model for their own exchange and customizing it, or designing their own from scratch.

I just took a look at it, and it does seem to be pretty user-friendly, for me anyways.  It actually reminded me somewhat of the turbo tax software I use to file my taxes online each year.  The website is set up using a hypothetical family of three as the potential enrollee, and then walks you through all of the steps they would go through to see if they are eligible for tax credits, look at available plans, and enroll.  The model also has an option for help and lets people choose between finding in-person help in their area, utilizing an online chat function, or calling a hotline.

It’s worth taking a look at, if you get a chance, and will help to create a visual of what we mean when we talk about a “health insurance exchange.”

The UX2014 website, with the prototype, can be accessed at: http://www.ux2014.org/