For the sports fan and/or policy nerd in all of us

Posted June, 12 2012 by arianne

Just in time for the home strech of the impending Supreme Court  decision on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there’s a new toy for us to play with! Mike Leavitt of Leavitt Partners (yes, the same former Governor of Utah, HHS secretary, and recent addition to Mitt Romney’s transition team) has put together a nifty interactive tool called “Health Reform Bracketology” on the potential court decisions and potential election outcomes and what they would mean for the future of health reform.

Call it what you will (June Madness?), it actually does a pretty great job of laying out the scenarios and gives some interesting predictions on outcomes.  Of course, these are just predictions.  Nobody can really be 100% sure how policymakers will react to any of these scenarios, but this does provide some good insights into the “what if?”s that are floating around in everyone’s head.

It’s worthwhile to look at anyways, if you get a free moment.

Click here to play Health Reform Bracketology.