NY Health Foundation Releases Columbia U Report Comparing State Health Reform Proposals

Posted January, 16 2009 by arianne

A report released today by the New York State Health Foundation is the first to compare proposals on the basis of: the number of people who would gain coverage; drop private coverage in favor of public options; and how each plan would increase statewide health care spending–including the cost to State government to finance expansions. […]

Vote Yes! on SCHIP

Posted January, 14 2009 by arianne

This week–as early as today–Congress is gearing up to renew and expand the State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Under the bill, SCHIP would provide funding to cover 10 million children, four million more than the current bill. This SCHIP vote is especially important for states like New York, which currently must use state-only dollars to […]

Laid off New Yorkers Unable to Keep Health Insurance

Posted January, 9 2009 by arianne

A new report released today by Families USA-Squeezed, Caught between Unemployment Benefit and Health Care Costs-shows that to maintain employer-based health coverage under COBRA most unemployed people would have to devote an unrealistically high proportion of their incomes to health insurance.    New Yorkers who lose their jobs, like most American workers, find it difficult if […]

Devilish Detail in Paterson's Young Adult Coverage Proposal

Posted January, 7 2009 by arianne

Today Governor Paterson proposed to extend a COBRA-like insurance benefit to young people up to the age of 29 through the parent’s policies.  HCFANY had supported this concept thus far.  However, the poison pill in the Governor’s version of our proposal seeks to “age rate” these young  people, a dangerous move for New York’s health insurance […]