Rate Review Comments are Due July 6: Read HCFANY’s Comments Here!

Posted July, 1 2021 by Amanda Dunker

Insurers offering products in New York’s individual, small group, and Medicare Advantage markets submit applications to the Department of Financial Services (DFS) each year which describes how premiums will change and why. DFS (and HCFANY!) encourage consumers to respond to these requests by share their experiences with DFS. How affordable do you think your current […]

Out-of-Control Medical Billing is Hindering Pandemic Recovery

Posted June, 15 2021 by Amanda Dunker

In a recent survey, one-third of people who still haven’t been vaccinated against Covid-19 said fear of the cost is a factor. Federal law is very clear: no health care provider is allowed to bill any patient for the vaccine. But with a health care system that produces so many medical billing horror stories, it’s […]

New York’s Insurer Rate Applications are in – Here’s How to Comment!

Posted June, 9 2021 by Amanda Dunker

Premium requests made by New York’s insurance companies have been posted, and consumers have the chance to share their thoughts on these requests! New York State requires this approval for all individual market, small group, and Medicare Advantage plans. If your plan is part of this process, you should have received a letter from your […]

Facility Fees Leave Patients with Large Surprise Medical Bills

Posted June, 8 2021 by Amanda Dunker

Ellen, a Long Islander, received an unexpected and unwelcomed bill from a hospital system when she went to her doctor’s office for a biopsy.  She was not anticipating a “net facility charge” of $2,142 which she was not informed of.   She protests that she was not provided with any notice that she would be charged […]