New York Can Change the Conditions That Let COVID-19 Kill African-Americans at Quadruple and Double the Rates of White People

Posted June, 4 2020 by Amanda Dunker

A new paper from the Community Service Society of New York describes how policy decisions made by state leaders over the past 30 years concentrated health care resources in whiter, wealthier communities. Those choices contributed to the incredibly disproportionate impact COVID-19 has had on people of color, including a death rate that is quadruple for […]

Some Budget Wins!

Posted April, 3 2020 by Amanda Dunker

New York State’s budget included harmful changes to Medicaid – though many of those changes are delayed (see our joint statement with other Medicaid advocates here). The Medicaid cuts are going to be an on-going issue throughout the year. But outside the Medicaid budget, there were a few wins for consumers. Full Funding for Consumer […]

New York COVID-19 Health Insurance Updates

Posted March, 27 2020 by Amanda Dunker

Everyone is experiencing enormous upheaval right now and many people are losing their jobs and with it their health insurance. Here’s a summary of actions New York State has taken to keep people covered during the pandemic. Medicaid discontinuances are halted. If you have Medicaid, you will not be disenrolled. If you get a discontinuance […]

URGENT: New York’s Medicaid Program is Under Threat!

Posted March, 25 2020 by Amanda Dunker

While Governor Cuomo has been a strong leader in battling COVID-19, his administration still wants to move forward with $2.5 billion in cuts to the Medicaid program. These cuts will harm 6.3 million New Yorkers who need Medicaid for their health care, including children, individuals with disabilities, and seniors. We are also particularly concerned with […]