Small Businesses Matter

Posted August, 25 2008 by arianne

An op-ed by Assembly member Camara published in the Albany Times Union on Sunday warns that health care spending will soon crush small businesses unless something is done.  The article cites the recent poll by the Small Business Majority, BALCONY, American Cancer Society, and AARP which found affordability to be a deciding factor for many […]

439,000 Newly Insured in Massachusetts

Posted August, 20 2008 by arianne

On August 20, the Boston Globe reported that enrollment in the Massachusetts universal health program has now reached 439,000 (out of an estimated previously 600,000 uninsured), based on a report from the State’s Division of Health Care Finance and Policy (HCFP). This surge comes less than two years after the program’s start and despite its […]

Bad Insurance Bill is Back!

Posted August, 15 2008 by arianne

Earlier this summer we blogged about three health insurance bills that were active in the legislature. Two are back on the table – one bad, one good –  for the special Legislative session called for next Tuesday, August 19. [See Assembly member Morelle’s letter: Assembly Member Morelle’s Letter] A11680 weakens consumer protections and does not provide adequate consumer […]