It’s all about the green

Posted June, 24 2014 by Amanda

Guest post by Yao He, Master’s Student in Public Health, Columbia University Do high premiums discourage enrollment? Or, is a premium of any size a deterrent when it comes to seeking health insurance? How does cost-sharing (deductibles, co-insurance, etc.) play into whether people get the health care services they need? Does income level matter? The […]

It’s working.

Posted May, 2 2014 by Amanda

Yesterday, HHS announced that over eight million Americans enrolled in health insurance between October 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014. That’s over a million more than the original goal for that period (seven million) and over two million more than the revised goal. As recently as the middle of March, some media outlets predicted that enrollments would […]

Health Care a Big Winner in 2014-2015 NYS Budget

Posted April, 8 2014 by Amanda

Last week, the final NYS budget agreement was released. You can read HCFANY’s response in our press release, here. The budget contains major wins for health care consumers in New York, including all three of HCFANY’s top budget priorities: The Basic Health Program, out-of-network surprise billing protections, and consumer assistance funding. 1. Making health insurance more […]

The End of Open Enrollment: What’s Next?

Posted April, 7 2014 by Amanda

Jessica K., 27, enrolled in health insurance through NY State of Health in February with the help of a Navigator from Community Service Society As strange as it seems, the 1st open enrollment period under the ACA has come to an end. The final count of enrollees from NY State of Health is stunning: more […]