More than 174,000 New Yorkers have signed up for coverage through NY State of Health!

Posted October, 23 2013 by arianne

More and more New Yorkers are choosing to get covered through the NY State of Health insurance marketplace.  In a press release issued today, the State Department of Health (SDOH) is reporting that over 174,000 New Yorkers have now completed the application process through the online marketplace – accounting for 30% of completed applications nationwide.  SDOH is […]

Get out!!!

40,000 New Yorkers newly enrolled in NY State of Health

Posted October, 8 2013 by arianne

The New York State Department of Health issued a press release today stating that over 40,000 New Yorkers have signed up for low-cost health insurance through the NY State of Health insurance marketplace – more than any other state reporting this far! The state is also reporting that the state call center has helped more […]

Obamacare Day 1

Obamacare Day 1: Millions flock to the insurance marketplace

Posted October, 1 2013 by arianne

Note: This photo has clearly been photoshopped.  By me.  I couldn’t find anything to exemplify folks flocking to a website, so I used a photo from a Black Friday sale a few years ago to get the effect I was looking for.  I think it works.      Well, despite the government shutdown, the insurance marketplace is officially open! […]

Out with the old...in with the NEW!

Staying healthy just got a lot more ADORABLE

Posted September, 27 2013 by arianne

Okay, it’s Friday and next week is a BIG week for us with the opening of the NYS of Health insurance marketplace, so I figured why not keep things on the light side today?  Or rather, on the adorable side. The anti-Obamacare folks may have creepy videos of Uncle Sam holding a speculum to try and scare young […]