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More resources from last week’s press briefing

Posted May, 2 2013 by arianne

Since most (all?) of our readers are not members of the press, I thought I would share some more resources from last week’s HCFANY press briefing.  Posted above is a video put together by the good folks at New American Media, who co-hosted the event.  Click below for copies of the presentations from the event. […]

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Baby!!

Posted March, 22 2013 by arianne

Tomorrow marks the 3-year anniversary of the ACA and  – wow – what a journey it has been! Despite its youth, the ACA has already succeeded in helping millions of Americans get access to affordable care.  For example, children with pre-existing health problems can no longer be turned down for coverage. Small businesses have access […]

Coverage choices

Do YOU understand the new coverage choices under the ACA?

Posted February, 25 2013 by arianne

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more than 1 million uninsured  New Yorkers will newly have access to affordable health insurance options starting this fall.  That’s a lot of folks who will need to wade through a lot of new information in the coming months. HCFANY will be holding a briefing in New York City on […]

Be mine!

I checked…and I’m covered with no co-pays!

Posted February, 14 2013 by arianne

    RWV’s New York intern, Nina Nnamani, shares what she learned about how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has improved her health insurance coverage. As a woman in her early 20s, I am among those who benefit most from the health care law. I am in my first year of graduate school and have […]