Secret Senate Health Bill Nearing Final Stages

Posted June, 13 2017 by Amanda Dunker


Pictured: someone suggesting that Republicans let constituents see the health bill.

The health bill passed by House Republicans was horrifying. We’re hearing that the Senate’s top secret draft is basically the same, and that they’re rushing to vote on it before the 4th of July. No one knows exactly what’s in the bill because it is being written by a small, closed group of Republican Senators. They are keeping their bill secret because they know it will outrage the public.

The Senate spent 25 days publicly debating the ACA and reviewed over 130 different amendments. GOP leadership wants to vote on their health bill as soon as they finish writing it, with no debate and no amendments.

Senate Republicans are right that the bill will be harder to pass if the public gets a look at it before they vote – that’s how it works in a democracy!

What can you do? Demand that the Senate hold public debates before voting on a bill that will leave millions of people without insurance and affect one-sixth of the US economy. Demand a chance to see the bill and tell your representatives in Congress what you think about it.

  1. Call our Senators to thank them for fighting to protect our health care and encourage them to keep it up. Make sure they know how important it is to you to see this bill!You can reach Senator Schumer at 202-224-6542, and Senator Gillibrand at 202-224-4451.
  2. Don’t forget that seven NY Representatives voted to pass this bill in the House. It only passed by 4 votes – their decision to support this terrible bill made a big difference. Click on their names for contact information: Chris CollinsJohn FasoPeter KingTom Reed, Elise Stefanik,  Claudia Tenney, and Lee Zeldin.
  3. Read our new flyerto learn exactly what is so terrible about the bill, and share your knowledge with the people you know.
  4. Keep letting people know: Medicaid and the ACA save lives! Share your stories with the people you know and with us – we have story forms for Medicaidand for the ACA.