Deadline Extended – You Can Still Get Health Insurance!

Posted December, 16 2016 by Amanda Dunker

You now have until the end of the day tomorrow, December 17, to sign up for coverage that will start on January 1 (the original deadline was yesterday). All the other information in our last enrollment post still stands. Don’t forget about the Navigators if you want help! For example, a lot of people don’t think they […]

What Does the ACA Mean to You?

Posted December, 8 2016 by Amanda Dunker

While Congress was debating and drafting the ACA, HCFANY gathered stories about the hardships experienced by New Yorkers with no coverage at all or coverage that failed when it was most needed. Advocates in other states did the same, and those stories helped educate decision-makers about the need for health care reform. We need to […]

New Study Estimates More than One Million New Yorkers Would Become Uninsured Under ACA Repeal

Posted December, 7 2016 by Taylor Frazier

The Urban Institute released a new report today, which examines the implications of a partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through a process known as budget reconciliation. According the report’s findings, more than 1.1 million New Yorkers would become uninsured by 2019 under a partial repeal of the ACA. New York State also […]

It’s Still Open Enrollment: Get Covered for 2017

Posted November, 30 2016 by Amanda Dunker

A lot of people are worried about their coverage options right now, but the first thing to know is that it is still Open Enrollment for the Marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act. Anyone who is uninsured or needs to renew should go ahead and get coverage set up for 2017. If you are re-enrolling […]