Insurance industry may be holding up NY Exchange bill

Posted June, 3 2011 by arianne

As the end of the legislative session nears, many health advocates around the state are still tapping their watches and waiting for the Cuomo administration to release the details on its proposal. 

But, today’s Crain’s Health Pulse hints that the insurance industry may be the ones responsible for the extended delay in the release of the draft bill.  Industry sources are cited as criticizing the bill based on the fact that it would set up another layer of regulations for the insurance industry to follow. 

Presumably, the health insurance industry would prefer the State to just trust them to regulate themselves.  But, we know from previous experience with New York’s file and use system of insurance rate increases that lax regulations on insurers only lead to higher insurance costs for consumers, more denials of care, and increasingly bigger insurance industry profits.

So, the real issue on the table now appears to be how Albany will choose to answer the following question:

Which is more important for the future of New York’s families, small businesses, and general economy?

a) Even fatter insurance industry profits and a continuation of our broken health care system that only the rich and well-employed can afford to access;

b) Affordable, quality health insurance for all and strong consumer protections against insurance industry abuses; or

c)  Who cares? The legislative session is almost done and then we can all skip off to the Hamptons, put on our swim trunks, and drink piña coladas all day.  To heck with what New Yorkers need – I’m on vacation!


(Hint:  THE ANSWER IS “b”!!!)