Senate version of Exchange legislation is out!

Posted June, 9 2011 by arianne

For those if you who want to read it (and possibly weep), the Exchange bill drafted by the republican-controlled NYS Senate has been officially made public as of this morning.

Click here to read the Senate bill.

The Governor’s version of the bill is not yet publicly available, though that hasn’t stopped the draft from making the rounds.  The Albany Times Union has obtained one such copy and does a good job of explaining the differences between the two versions. 

Read the Times Union article here.

At this point, the Governor’s version is being touted as the better bill in that it would give the Exchange the authority to negotiate prices on behalf of its enrollees – much like a large employer would do for its employees.  The Senate bill does not.  However, the final bill adopted (if adopted) will likely be a hybrid of the two.