#MedicalDebtMonday: Tell Governor Hochul It’s Time to End Medical Debt

Posted October, 3 2022 by Amanda Dunker

This summer, New York leaders passed two key pieces of legislation that would provide much-needed relief to patients burdened by medical debt:

  1. S.6522A/A.7363A: Prohibits a lien being placed on a person’s primary residence for medical debt judgments and prohibits wage garnishment for medical debt judgments.
  2. S.2521C/A.3470C: Requires hospitals to disclose additional “facility fees,” which cover overhead costs, before providing treatment; bans “facility fees” for preventive services.

The Governor has until the end of the year to sign these important bills into law – that’s just three months. 

55 organizations signed on to a letter sent to the Governor last week. Calling her office is key to making our message heard. That’s why we’re starting a push every Monday from October through December to call upon the Governor to take these important steps for patients and #EndMedicalDebt now.

Join us! Use the Phone2Action tool at cssny.org/EndMedicalDebt. Calling is simple: You will get a call from 516-701-2538, listen to a set of talking points, and then be connected to the Governor’s office.

Here’s what we recommend for your call:

Hi, I am [your Name] from [your town/city] and I want the Governor two sign two important bills to help End Medical Debt and relieve the burden that is crushing New Yorkers.
As soon as possible, we need Governor Hochul to sign into law:
– The bill to Ban Medical Liens and Wage Garnishments, S6522A/A7363 and
– The bill to Regulate Facility Fees, S2521C/A3470C.
Thank you.

Good luck and happy #MedicalDebtMonday!